Alumni WORK

We are so impressed by how our alumni have continued to explore and experiment with their art forms. They continue to take risks and produce brilliant work! Bravo! Check them out...

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Alejandro has a long history with CSSMA and has gone deep into his musical explorations. He's adept at everything from complex jazz and blues guitar to singing and songwriting. You'll see the latter in an original song below! 

Of his time at CSSMA he says:

“Church Street School means the world to me. Unlike many other organizations, CSSMA emphasizes the enjoyable aspect of learning and playing music. To this day ‘having fun with music’ is the driving source in my passion. Church Street School taught me that!”


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duncan figurski.jpg

Duncan basically grew up at Church Street School. About that time, Duncan says: "Growing up in CSSMA fostered a sense of exploration and curiosity in me that has influenced every aspect of my life. I wouldn't have the confidence to explore and create if I wasn't exposed to this environment." 



Duncan describes his work like this:

My work exists as an observation into ritual, algorithm, and how these can deliver us to new worlds. Often highly process driven, I have sought to turn art into practical tools for meditation. Spectators are asked to replicate a process of unreality, and through this cognitive dissonance are hurdled elsewhere. The vulnerability achieved through play is something that I need for my practice to aim at honesty. Have a look at some of his more recent work below!


Acrylic, 2019

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Mask by Z Behl