For the past 30 years at Church Street School, we have committed to spreading the positive power of music and art to all. Since early March we have been checking in with our faculty and friends to share music, art and any other creative inspiration they would like to share with our community. A selection of these appear below.  It is our hope that they will lighten your spirit, keep you entertained, and remind you of the power of the arts in these uncertain times. Sign up for our mailing list if you’d like to get this in your inbox every week! 


Light Stroke


Angela Jaeger on Poly Styrene

 Angela Jaeger, who has been with CSSMA for over three years now and is one of our beloved early childhood music and art teachers. She also leads our free chorus program for 5-12 year olds and provides a really special environment for kids to come together through song!

Angela, a born and raised New Yorker, is sharing some punk rock history with us today. She was a witness and participant in the New York and London punk scenes of the 1970’s and shares how there are echoes of that spirit at CSSMA where the cultivation of freedom of expression through the arts is key.

She writes: At Church Street School for Music & Art, we embrace a diversity of methods and approaches to the arts. We encourage students to come together and experiment with different styles of music and hope to encourage self-discovery through creative expression.

Angela writes: Poly Styrene was a true punk warrior who inspired me as a singer, performer and style icon. Her energy and wit informed such amazing songs as The Day the World Turned Day-Glo and Identity. When her band X-Ray Spex played at CBGB’s I marveled at her sheer energy and was mesmerized by her radiant voice. Poly was an originator of ideas who celebrated individuality and found the braveness to be herself.

anorak london.png

As we all know, music and art have the power to help people grapple with life’s intense challenges, (no matter your age or your background). It can take real bravery to let yourself openly be who you are and hopefully this brave expression can lead to liberation!

A few lines from the song:

Identity is the crisis can’t you see

Identity identity

When you look in the mirror

Do you see yourself

Do you see yourself

On the T.V. screen

Do you see yourself in the magazine

When you see yourself

Does it make you scream


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